Raising Coral In Saltwater Aquariums – Great Tips And Advice

Many people are very passionate about making their home aquarium look like a piece of the ocean that has been transplanted in their homes. Some people will take pains in cultivating their aquarium themselves while some will just like to go out and buy their whole kit, tank, filter, lighting plants fish and all. This may be an easier way to create a good aquarium, however, the fun way is to start with the basics and grow your own fish and plants.

Some people are pretty good at breeding their own fish and have formed groups where they can exchange their home grown aquarium plants, fish and coral as well. There is a certain joy in seeing your efforts take definate shape in the form of aquetic plants and marine life.

Attempting to start a reef in your aquarium is not the sort of advice gurus will dole out to beginers in this hobby. One is advised to start with a small aquarium that houses fish only. Once you have a few months of experience in caring for the fish in the aquarium you can move on to trying your hand at breeding fish, then plants in the aquarium. After about a year you will be rady to try your hand at growing coral in the tank.

Before you rush out to get yourself some coral reef for the tank, remember that you are not just placing a piece of rock to your aquarium. These are actually called Polyps and are tiny invertibrate living organisms. The existance of these polyps in your saltwater tank depends on your ability to provide proper lighting, food and salt water.

In order for the coral reef to survive you must provide good saltwater to the tank at regular intervals. If you change the water abruptly you are likely to send your polyps into a state of shock and ultimately lose them. You will know the coral is in trouble by the discoloring of the reef. In addition you must be able to provide a proper pump to produce a strong current in the water as this is very important for the coral’s survival.

You must never forget that corals are living organisms and require food. Many people of the wrong belief that corals feed like other plants in the water, on photosynthesis. Nothing could be further from the truth. Corals need to be fed, like the other fish in the aquarium, at least 3 times a week. Frozen food is best for coral reef in the tank. Any coral food purchased from the pet store that has been open for more than 5 months must be discarded. Liquid or bottled food is available from the pet store and is best suited for the coral as they do not dirty the aquarium.

Believe it or not large polyps feed on pieces of minced meat! What do you know – from plants to carnivores! However, remember if the polyps are too small they will starve because the large pieces og minced meat will not be of any use to them. So stick to the prepared food from the pet store.

If you have done your research and have a good supply of nutrients from the store you will have your coral reef in your living room in no time at all.

* Shared from http://www.ledgrowlight-aquarium.com.au/ blog post 

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