What We Do

So you are keen on a Marine Aquarium. Maybe you saw a friend’s marine aquarium, at a showroom, corporate lobby or at a shopping centre and they are just so eye-catching, attractive, relaxing and soothing. Marine aquariums are most definitely relaxing – and exciting, and really beautiful. Not forgetting they are a great addition for good prosperity and healing source of energy.

Yes, it is possible to have this marine wonderland in your home or office. A marine aquarium can be constructed in such a way that the aquarium is properly supported and sustainable to give you endless joy. That’s where Ken Aquatics comes in to make sure you get a good start on your marine project.


Let the building of your marine tank be a journey into the marine world and learn and explore the various aspects that make that eco-system work and function. Your journey will be very well rewarded for you and your family as it bring you close to nature and the marvels of the sea.

At Ken Aquatics, that’s exactly what we do to help you setup the tank, stabilise it and also help maintain on a regular basis. Our team of experts have years of experience to build this eco-system. Of course, if you are a hobbyist, you can also do it yourself and we can guide you. We supply all the leading equipment you need to get started and our team of experts will guide you.

We also work on a project basis where we build, deliver, nurture and maintain your aquarium. We do this for organisations, homes, shopping centres, showrooms and you get a hassle free solution to enjoy the beauty of a marine aquarium. Call us for a quote and we will be happy to help.

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