AmberSoft Sdn Bhd

Thank you Ken Aquatics! The impact of the aquarium at our office has been amazing!

First, everyone that comes here naturally comes to see our gorgeous tank the minute they enter the office. Some sit and relax looking at the colorful, lively activity in the tank, but more often, spontaneous conversations erupt as they share tidbits of information. People are teaching and learning from each other as to what’s in the tank and what to look for. Each week they discover what’s new in the tank, how things are growing and moving, and the fish are becoming more comfortable and animated.

All of our clients and the staff has become emotionally engaged with our tank. Anytime of the day you’ll find any number of people standing in front of the tank talking about the fish and corals!

The impact and response is more than I could have ever hoped for. I just wanted to thank you again Ken. When you come for your weekly visits for service, you are taking care of more than fish and live stock! You’ve become a fixture and your informational conversations bring delight to all.

I know I speak for everyone here when I say, thank you Ken Aquatics!

Khalid Mohd Ali
Chief Financial Officer – Ambersoft